Yacht Tour: Orhaniye-Hisaronu-Boz Burun

The tour on the yacht begins in the town of Orhaniye. This is a completely protected, pine forest-covered mountain slopes of the bay. Orhaniye is subordinate to the municipality of Marmaris, the city center is only about 20 minutes away by car. Here is a large Marina – Martı Marina, and two smaller marinas – Palmiye marina and Alesta marina. Here are the bases of charter companies such as ORYX Yachting, Yelkenli yachting, Yildiz and Nomicos. Apart from the marinas in Orhania you can find several private marinas of restaurants. Also, many yachts anchor here, the bay is protected and the silt on the bottom holds the anchor well.  Orhaniye Bay is famous for its sandy spit Kız Kumu, it is quite a popular tourist attraction. In the center of the bay is a mountainous island – on top of which rises an ancient Byzantine fort. The place, like the entire Bay of Hisaronu, is very picturesque and popular among yachtsmen. Day 1: Çamurlu Köyü Our yacht tour, like all charter tours, starts on Saturday. Your yacht will be ready for lunch, so it is better to devote the first half of the day to preparing for the tour. The first thing to do is to buy provisions for a few days. Your captain will help you understand the local range of products. Fortunately, there are several good supermarkets in Orhania. After completing all the related documents, technical check-in and the necessary initial briefing, you can go to sea. You can also stay in the marina and enjoy a wonderful evening in the most beautiful place of the Turkish Riviera. Since there is not much time left on the first day, we offer an anchorage for Kul. This bay is just two miles from Orhaniye to the northwest. From the bay of Kulyu offers a stunning panoramic view. And the variegated shores are red rocks overgrown with pine forests. Anchorage on the Mediterranean or with circulation. The bottom is muddy so the anchor holds well. Day 2: Disliсe Adaşı – Dirsek On this day, a real sea adventure begins. In the morning we will make a short trek to the island of Dishlidge. The island has an unusual structure, and from a distance resembles teeth. In Turkish Dislice – translated as toothy. Anchorage at the island on the east side at anchor in the Mediterranean. The depths here are significant and increase dramatically towards the shore. Beware of the reef northeast of the island. There is a through cave on the island, so take advantage of the dinghi and explore the surroundings thoroughly. The place is popular with local pleasure boats, by lunchtime it will be quite crowded. Therefore, you should not linger, but it is better to come early. Next, you will have a sea sailing to the west to Dirsek Bay. This bay is famous for its crystal water, indeed here you can distinguish every stone at the bottom even at a depth of about 10 meters. Anchorage on the Mediterranean or to the pier of the restaurant in the south west of the bay.  This place is popular among yachtsmen, and can only be reached by sea. There is no highway. It is better to come to the anchorage early and take the place you like. At the height of the yachting season, there may be many yachts and gulets making a classic Azure cruise. If you decide to moor to the restaurant, take care of the reservation in the morning. You can find the restaurant's phone number in the Navionix app. At the quay wall itself, it may be shallow, carefully approach the pier, fearing damage to the rudder feather. Before our eyes, one yacht with a large draft could not approach the berth for the length of the slope. The crew of this charter yacht was forced to go ashore through a nearby yacht.  In 2021, the restaurant was available by calling +90 532 246 42 05. yacht tour Day 3: Datça In the morning we will make a small trek north of Hisaronu Bay to Chiftlik Bay. Do not confuse with the famous Chiftlik, which is located in the Strait of Rhodes. Here you can swim and have lunch. On this day, you have a great opportunity to test your yachting skills.  We are waiting for the sailing to the city of Datca. The prevailing wind at this point tends to increase due to the landscape of the coastline. You will see in this place some lowering of the landscape and numerous wind farms. This transition, usually in the summer months, takes place in varnishing against fresh wind. Be sure to take reefs on sails, guided by good maritime practice. In Datcha there is a small harbor for yachts, it is impossible to book a place in advance. Therefore, it is better to come early to find a place at the pier. Mooring to the city embankment with anchor recoil. You can also anchor at the beach. The city has many bars and restaurants, and in general there is a cheerful Mediterranean atmosphere. Stroll through the southern streets, and then dine on the shore in a restaurant. yacht tour Day 4: Boz Burun Our yacht tour continues! Today you will visit the beautiful lagoon of Boz Burun. The depth in the lagoon is about 3 meters (not suitable for yachts with a large draft), the bottom is sandy. The water has an unusual turquoise color, and here you can swim and dive with a mask. On the shores of the lagoon are scattered the ruins of Byzantine basilicas and towers. For the night, you can choose one of three options:

  1. Mooring in the municipal harbor of Boz Burun. Mooring here is similar to mooring in the city of Datca. That is, to the city embankment with the return of the anchor. You can book a place by phone +90 535 361 06 21.
  2. Mooring to the pier of the restaurant Boz Burun Yacht Club on murings. It's a lovely attractive place with a percram view, but there's no road to the city from here. Book your place at the pier in advance by calling +90 252 456 21 92. Also, the yacht club has several mooring buoys for guests. 3 . Mooring to the pier of the Octopus restaurant, which is located a little to the east in the bay of Sogut. This is the best option, there is electricity and water on the pier. There is a very pleasant lagoon for swimming, and a great panoramic view. The place is quite popular with yachtsmen, book seats in advance by phone +90 532 312 00 25.

yacht tour Day 5: Bencik Sea crossing and anchorage in the secluded Bay of Benjik. The history of this place goes far back to the centuries. If you look at the map you will find that Bencik Bay has an elongated shape and resembles its canal configuration. The Romans wanted to separate the Datca Peninsula from the continent, turning it into an island. Having done titanic work, they rested on solid rocks. And they were forced to abandon this idea. The shores of Bencik Bay are covered with pine forests, and the bay itself resembles a forest lake. Anchoring on the Mediterranean with a pull to shore, the depth increases dramatically towards the shore. Day 6: Selemiye Today we will visit the most beautiful place of the riviera – the town of Selemiye. But before that, we will make a stop for lunch and swimming in the beautiful lagoon of Sig Limani. From Turkish it translates as "small harbor". The anchorage here is at a depth of 5-3 meters, the bottom is sandy and the anchor holds perfectly. Selemiye is located just to the south. Several parking options are possible here.

  1. In the city municipal marina, VHF canal 72. 2. At the pier of the Poseidon restaurant in the south-eastern corner of the bay, the phone number is +90 252 446 40 80. 3 . At the pier of the restaurant Aurora, phone +90 252 446 4097. 4. At anchor at the town beach, but unfortunately the depths here are significant (20-25 meters).

If you have chosen the option of mooring to the piers of restaurants, take care of booking seats in advance. yacht tour Day 7: Orhaniye Yacht Tour comes to an end. Today we are tedious to return to the base of the charter company before 17:00. The passage from Selemiye to Orhania is quite insignificant, so we have the opportunity to visit the island of Kameriye. Here is an old Byzantine basilica – a fairly popular historical landmark. The island of Kameriye is located just beyond the exit from the bay of Sig Limani, to the northwest. Do not forget that we are obliged to return the charter yacht with full fuel tanks. There is a petrol station in Martı marina. But keep in mind that on Friday there is always a queue at the gas station, so it is better to come early. We hope this information was useful to you, we will be happy to answer all additional questions for you, contact us in any convenient way for you.  yacht tour

A sea of yacht adventures awaits!