Yacht charter with skipper

Yacht charter with skipper or Crewed Charter (yacht charter with skipper).

Chartering yacht with a skipper is a great opportunity to arrange a full-fledged sea cruise for reasonable money. You will be directly involved in the planning of the route. And so this cruise will be truly unique and yours. On the yacht you will relax with family or friends, without strangers. You will be able to share emotions with loved ones in the most beautiful waters of the world. Feeling like real discoverers of amazing places. Yacht with skipper is a great opportunity to enjoy a holiday on a cruise. Without the hassle associated with the management of a marine vessel.

Who rents yachts with skipper?

Based on our long-term practice in yacht rental and charter, we can distinguish several cases in which the service of renting a yacht with a captain is especially relevant:

  1. No license to operate the yacht (no rights to the yacht).
  2. An inexperienced skipper who recently received the rights to the yacht.
  3. Unfamiliar and complex water area.
  4. Charter a large size yacht (from 55 feet and above).
  5. Rent of technically complex yachts.
  6. Rent of motor yachts and gulets.

Basically, yachts with a skipper are rented by people who want to relax on a yacht on a sea cruise. But they do not have the appropriate licenses and certificates for the management of a sea yacht. Yacht management, mooring in cramped harbors, navigation and so on – all these are quite complex technological operations. These operations require the captain to have certain skills. If you rent a yacht with a professional captain, then you have the opportunity to fully experience all the delights of a cruise on a yacht, without unnecessary troubles and stress. A professional captain will lead the yacht to the place you specify. Weather and navigation conditions allow and will return back to base safe and sound. Another popular request to rent a yacht with a captain comes from inexperienced skippers who have recently received yacht certificates. Often, skippers who have just graduated from numerous yacht schools, who have learned to manage yachts from scratch according to international systems , do not have enough practical experience and self-confidence. Due to lack of experience, such captains do not want to take full responsibility for the ship.

Sleeping skipper service.

This service is called a “sleeping skipper”.That is, in this case, a hired professional captain is always on a safety net. In fact, this is a continuation of yachting training on an individual basis and a part-time cruise. Unfortunately, the quality of training in many yacht schools leaves much to be desired. Therefore, if you decide to get the rights to a yacht, approach the choice of school responsibly. All of the above also applies to unfamiliar and complex waters. For example, for skippers who have never had experience navigating in tidal waters. The first charter in such conditions can be problematic. Large yachts (from 55 feet) and catamarans (from 50 feet) are surrendered only with a professional captain. As well as almost all motor yachts with a length of 30 feet. Cruises on traditional Eastern Mediterranean vessels (gulets) operate only in Crewed Charter mode. And in addition to the captain, they have on board a crew consisting of sailors, cooks and flight attendants.

Conditions of renting a yacht with a captain.

Services for renting a yacht with a captain are provided by absolutely all charter companies in the world. You hire a local skipper who knows the water area and all the local features.Communication in this case will go, usually in international English. Yacht Agency Yacht Cruise provides services of a Russian-speaking skipper in all water areas of the world, with qualifications not lower than YachtMaster Offshore. When hiring our skipper, the conditions are stipulated additionally when processing the order by the consultant of the Yacht Cruise agency.

Security deposit when renting a yacht with a captain.

Renting a yacht with a captain does not exempt you from paying a security deposit for the vessel. The captain is fully responsible for all incidents and breakdowns that may occur through his fault. This includes sailing, maneuvering in harbors and anchorages. For a professional skipper, all this is not a particular problem. And basically experienced skippers return yachts to the base safe and sound.  For all damage that may occur due to the fault of the crew, the captain, on the contrary, is not responsible. For example, you can accidentally break yacht equipment or lose some part of the equipment. Crews with children on board need to be especially careful. But based on our long-term practice, such cases on a yacht happen extremely rarely. A professional captain is obliged to conduct a competent briefing before the start of the cruise. The crew must listen to the recommendations of the captain, and execute commands unquestioningly. After all, the sea does not forgive mistakes.   

Salary of a hired yacht captain.

Usually, the captain’s salary starts from 80 euros per day, the average price in the Mediterranean Sea for 2022 is 150 euros per day. In addition to the salary for all maritime customs, the crew is obliged to feed the captain. When searching for yachts on our website, you can see all possible details, mandatory and additional options. The price for the services of a professional captain may vary depending on the selected region or type and size of the yacht.

yacht charter with captain

Choose additional options directly from the Yacht Search on our website, or when communicating with the yacht agent Yacht Cruise. In any case, we will help you to organize your Dream Yacht Cruise and select a professional captain for you. If it is difficult for you to communicate in English yacht agency Yacht Cruise will provide you with a Russian-speaking captain. Organization of cruises on yachts in any water area of the world for your individual request is our profile. We have been engaged in cruise yachting for 6 years and see how in recent years this direction has gained truly popularity. People discovered a great opportunity to relax with their family or friends on a private sea cruise for quite reasonable money. And our mission is to discover and show this beautiful marine world to everyone.

A sea of yacht adventures awaits