Yacht trip from Marmaris to Dutcha

Travel on a yacht from Marmaris, a city that is rightfully considered the yachting capital of Turkey. There are 5 large marinas, in which the fleets of charter companies are based. A large number of Turkish gulets are moored to the city embankment of Marmaris. These traditional Turkish ships cruise along the coast making the Mavi Cruise. The city lives at the expense of sea tourism. In Marmaris, many journeys begin and end. Including round-the-world ones. Our journey on a charter yacht starts on Saturday. As a rule, the yacht is ready for lunch, but the wait may be delayed. The charter company needs to prepare and clean the yacht well for your trip. While the yacht is being prepared, you can buy food for your cruise. You can use the supermarket in Marina. Or take a taxi and go to the city supermarket, such as CareFoure or Migros. Day 1: Marmaris – Kumlubükü After all the necessary documents, acceptance of the yacht and technical check-in, there is not much time left. If you can't wait to go to sea, go ahead. Not far from Marmaris there are many beautiful places to relax on a yacht. We move to a beautiful and expansive kumlu bay, it's only 6 miles from the city. On the way you can swim in the open sea. In Kumlu Buku Bay, you can anchor or dock at Kumlu Buku Yat Kulubu (Holland Ahmet Beach). If you're looking for privacy, anchor. In the northern or southern part of the bay, at a depth of 6-10 meters, making sure that the anchor is firmly taken. In the southern part of the bay there is a pier of the Holland Ahmet restaurant. This is a gorgeous place, with a beautiful sandy beach and excellent yacht service. Mooring stern to the berth, the pier is equipped with murings. The restaurant staff will help you moor the yacht and connect the power and water. sailing on a yacht Day 2: Kumlubükü – Arap adası – Bozu Kale It is better to go to sea early, we are waiting for a 25 mile crossing. We will go to the Rhode Watering And go along the coast of Turkey to the west. In these places, the prevailing meltham wind blows in summer. His direction in the Rhodes Strait will be a counter for us. For lunch and swimming we will make a stop at the island of Arap Adasy. The water in the bay behind the island will amaze you with its transparency and crystal color. After lunch we will move to the bay of Bosu Calais (Ruined Castle). Here we will stand at the pier of the family restaurant Sailors House. A good dinner at a local tavern is what you need after a trip on a yacht. Day 3: Bozu Kale – Datça In the morning you can visit the ancient fortress of Lorima. From the Sailors House restaurant, a trail leads there. This is part of a route called the Carian Trail. The history of these places dates back many millennia. On this day we will make a sea crossing to the city of Datca. There are 20 miles of excellent sailing ahead. The harbor of the city of Datca is not very large, and it is sometimes impossible to book a place. Therefore, it is better to come to the mooring early. Datja has many attractions and a great Mediterranean atmosphere. Day 4: Datça – Hisarönü Today we will visit the beautiful Hisaronu Bay. The shores of the bay are indented and we can easily find a secluded and safe bay. We can anchor in Dirsek Bay. Or return to the north shore in Benjik Bay, which looks like a forest lake. The anchorage allows you to truly enjoy the nature of these ancient places. sailing on a yacht Day 5: Hisarönü Korfezi – Söğüt Let's visit Yoshilov Bay, making a 20-mile sailing trip. We are waiting for a lagoon near the town of Boz Burun. The depth in the lagoon is only 3-5 meters and the water has a unique turquoise color. Pine trees grow on the shores and old Byzantine ruins are scattered. For the night we will go to the Octopus restaurant. This is quite a popular place, so take care of booking in advance. Phone of the restaurant Octopus: , the staff speaks good English. Day 6: Söğüt – Çiftlik The yacht trip continues. Having a good rest, we go out to sea. Today it is only 25 nautical miles. Usually, until lunchtime, the prevailing wind is absent or works moderately. By noon, winds are possible. For this reason, in the summer yachts go to sea early. We return to the east, towards Marmaris to the famous Chiftlik Bay. This is a real meeting place for friends of yachtsmen from all over the world. Get up on the murin to the piers of restaurants. We recommend The Azmak Restaurant and the nearby Deniz Restaurant. There is electricity and fresh water on the berths. Payment for parking is a visit to the restaurant. sailing on a yacht Day 7: Çiftlik – Marmaris Today is the last day of our trip on the yacht. Usually, according to the rules of charter companies, you are obliged to return the yacht before 17:00 (in some cases before 16:00). Also, the captain must return the yacht with a full fuel tank. Waiting time at the gas station on Friday must be taken into account. From the chieflick to the city of Marmaris is only 12 nautical miles, usually this journey on a yacht takes 2 hours. After passing the technical check-out and regaining the security deposit, you can stay on the yacht until the next morning.