Sea voyage Marmaris-Ekincik-Gocek-Marmaris

Our sea journey begins in the yachting capital of Turkey – the city of Marmaris. Here we rent a yacht for a week and go to Fethiye Bay. We will visit the natural historical sights of the Turkish Riviera. Day 1: Chiftlik According to the rules of charter companies, you can check in on a yacht at lunchtime. In the morning, the yacht is prepared after the last cruise. Before lunch, you can walk around the city and buy provisions for a sea trip. Since there is not much time left on this day, it is better to make a small maritime registry transition. 12 nautical miles from Marmaris there is a paradise town Chiftlik. Chiftlik has stunning nature and very clean clear water. Mooring to the piers of restaurants on the Mediterranean on the murings. At the berths it is possible to connect electricity and use fresh water. Payment for parking is a visit to the restaurant. Prices here are moderate, and traditional Aegean cuisine is outstanding. We recommend the piers of Azmak and Deniz restaurants to all our customers. Chiftlik Bay coordinates: 36°42.960'N • 28°14.475'E Crossing length 12 nautical miles. Azmak Restaurant Phone: +90 554 795 6170 Day 2: Ekincik In the morning we will move to the nearby Gerbekse Bay for a good swim. In the western part of the bay there is a nice wild beach and a large number of Byzantine ruins. Special attention should be paid to the basil, it is a little higher and it is perfectly visible from the water. It offers a beautiful view of the bays, the road to the basilica is marked with blue marks. Next, we will have a sea voyage to Ekincik Bay. A sea crossing of 20 miles, usually with a passing one. Wind. On the crossing, keep south of the island of Yilancik, as there is a forbidden area to the north. Here is the base of the Turkish Navy, and the presence of pleasure yachts in a limited zone is undesirable. This night we will spend at the anchorage in the forest bay of Kuchuk Semizdzhe. Anchor at a depth of 5-6 meters near the beach with red sand. Bs can also stretch across the Mediterranean in the southwestern part of the bay. The anchor here holds perfectly, and the nights pass calmly and windlessly. Coordinates of Küçük semizce koyu Bay: 36°48.459'N • 28°31.940'E Crossing length 18 nautical miles. yacht route Day 3: Skopje Bay The sea voyage on the yacht continues. Today we will have a transition of 25 nautical miles to the east. For lunch and swimming, you can make a stop at the island of Baba Adasi or at asi Koyu Bay. You can choose any option, and on the way back visit another place. In the Bay of Skopje there are many beautiful places worthy of attention. This is the most popular place for yachtsmen in Turkey. In the Bay of Skopje there are a large number of restaurants equipped with piers. And at anchor here you can stand almost anywhere. The depths in the bay are significant up to the shore, so the yachts anchor with a stretch to the shore. There are many floating shops in the Gulf of Skopea, and local boats that sell ice cream, fruit, gozleme cakes and so on. Also here you can see a large floating supermarket Migros, which runs all day from bay to bay. On this day, there are several options for an overnight stay. Today we choose a parking lot at the pier of the restaurant. Since last night was at anchor, we need to replenish our fresh water supplies.

  1. Gobun Restaurant in Kapi Creek Bay (+90 542 235 5067)
  2. Adaia Restaurant in Wall Bay (Hamam koyu)

The length of the passage is 26 nautical miles. yacht route from Fethiye Day 4: Fethiye or Gejack? Our sea voyage includes a visit to seaside towns such as Fethiye or Gedjek. Which option to choose is just a matter of taste, since both of these cities are worth a visit. Gecek This city is able to compete with Marmaris for the title of the yachting capital of Turkey. There are 5 yacht marinas: Gocek Club Marina, MarinTurk Marina, Skopea marina, Municipal Belediye Marina, D-Marin Gocek. Book a place in advance and moor to any of them and you will be pleasantly surprised by the service. We recommend MarinTurk Marina and D-Marin Gocek. These places have a world-class yacht service, and truly paradise conditions. In the city there are many good restaurants, author's and brand boutiques. The atmosphere here is very pleasant and welcoming, it is clear that the city lives by sea and yacht tourism. Here you can meet yachtsmen from all over the world. 10 miles to the east lies the city of Fethiye, formerly Telmessos. Ancient tombs carved into the rocks rise above the city. The most famous of them is the tomb of Amisis, and it is not far from the marina. The big marina in the city is one – Ece Marina, but we recommend mooring to the Marina Classic Otel. This place is almost bordered by Ece Marina being a little to the south. The marinas of Yacht Classic Otel are well equipped, here is the base of the charter company Sail Fleet. Visiting this place does not leave anyone indifferent, it is truly a paradise. Book a place at the pier in advance by phone: If you visit the restaurant, you will get a 50% discount on parking! Yacht Classic Hotel berth coordinates: 6º 37.4'N – 29º 05.9'E Phone number: +90 252 612 50 67 Crossing length 12 nautical miles. cruise Day 5: Gemiler The famous Gemiler Island or St. Nicholas Island is another historical attraction on our sea voyage. The history of this place is inextricably linked with the history of Christianity. On the island there was a large Byzantine city – the residence of the Christian saint Nicholas the Pleaser. Moor from the north side of the island along the Mediterranean, stretching towards the shore. Right on the shore begin the ancient ruins. There was an embankment, to which ships moored in the same way for many millennia. Be sure to visit the island, at sunset go up to the ruined temples. Stroll through the ancient streets while enjoying the surrounding seascapes. There are a huge number of well-preserved buildings of the Byzantine era. On the floor of some temples you can still distinguish an old Greek mosaic. Gemiler Island is the easternmost point of our cruise. After a good rest tonight, we'll head back west tomorrow. Gebmiler Island coordinates: 36°33.344'N • 29°4.115'E Walking length 13 nautical miles. Day 6: Ekincik My Marina Our sea voyage continues! On this day, it is better to go out early, the crossing is 30 nautical miles long. In the summer, the wind is likely to be a headwind. Get ready for a great sailing! For lunch, make a stop at the island of Baba adasi or in the bay of Asi Koyu – you choose! We spend the night in our favorite marina on the Turkish Riviera – My Marina. This bay is surrounded by high sheer cliffs overgrown with dense pine forest. It is not easy to notice My Marina from the sea, so keep the coordinates and phone number. In the summer, this place is very popular, so you need to book places in advance. My Marina is a real resort, there is excellent air and clean water. There is a bathing area, a café and a restaurant. A visit to the restaurant is optional, but we strongly recommend it.

Phone My Marina: +90 252 266 0276

Coordinates: 36°49.368'N, 28°33.945'E

The length of the passage is 32 nautical miles.

Day 7: Marmaris On this day we need to return our yacht to the charter base before 17:00. The captain needs to take into account that charter yachts are returned to base with full tanks of fuel. In Marmaris, there is only one gas station for yachts – in Netsel Marina, and on Fridays there is a queue here. For this reason, there is not much time on the last day of the sea voyage. But we will definitely visit the bay of Kumlu Buku for swimming and lunch. In Kumlu buku you can anchor in the northern or southern part of the bay. You can also moor to the restaurant Holland Ahmet (Kumlu Buku Yacht Club). The length of the passage is 20 nautical miles. After the check-out procedure, you will receive your security deposit back. You have one more night left on the yacht until 9 am the next day. This evening, be sure to take a walk along the wonderful promenade of Marmaris. Share warm memories of the past trip with the team over dinner in one of the restaurants. The total distance is approximately 130 nautical miles. cruise

A sea of yacht adventures awaits!